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The Fable Of The Lemon Wolf Cafe

Once upon a Time................

There were four wolf pups, one a bit odd, he was Lemon in color, the other pups shunned him because of this. The Lemon wolf began wandering out on his own looking for someone to play with when suddenly he heard a ruckus, he ran in the direction of the noise and came upon three bear cubs on the edge of the river, they were crying for help... "What's wrong?", said the Lemon wolf. "Our brother, he fell in the river and we must save him!", cried the cubs. Wasting not a second the Lemon wolf jumped in and with his teeth grabbed the cub by the scruff of his neck and pulled him ashore where he was safe. They were all best friends from that day on. One day they came upon a cabin deep in the woods, there they played, ate and took care of each other. In honor of their friend, the wolf, they named it Lemon Wolf Cafe. To this day the Lemon Wolf Cafe still serves up some fine forest food!

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